Various Artists - Do Not Fear The Future Various Artists Do Not Fear The Future

Format: CD
Label: Grimsey
Price: $6.73
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Description: 13 song budget collection featuring Ana D and Ibon Errazkin, the Bomb Pops, Moviestars, Pinback, Seacreature, Fan Modine, Autumn Leaves, the Waves, the Prismer, Ninotchka, Le Mans, Departure Lounge, and Ailsa Craig.

Track listing:
1. Seacreature: "Leaf Node 1"
2. Fan Modine: "We Are All Decades"
3. Ana D And Ibon Errazkin: "Galaxia (live on KCRW)"
4. Ailsa Craig: "Ballad Of The Oread"
5. Pinback: "Tripoli"
6. Departure Lounge: "Ticketspassportmoney"
7. Le Mans: "El Amor"
8. the Waves: "Just Have A Feeling"
9. the Autumn Leaves: "The Light Brigade Of Fireflies Are Dazzling Midnight Suns"
10. Ninotchka: "I've Got Wings"
11. the Bomb Pops: "Cheery"
12. the Prismer: "Talkin' Comptroniq"
13. Moviestars: "Visibility Greater Than Zero"

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