Various Artists I Tried A Thousand Times, A Thousand Times To Change Your Mind

Format: CD
Label: Firestation Tower
Price: $10.75
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Description: A lovely international pop compilation featuring the Salteens, Holm, Celeste, Pets, the Glidshees, Vermont Sugar House, Avocadoclub, Novillero, Fever Hut, Canossa, Liberty Ship, Hidalgo, etc.

Track listing:
1. Sensation: "Never Say Forever"
2. Avocadoclub: "Too Much Space To Walk Away"
3. Novillero: "On A Cannas Stained"
4. the Vermont Sugar House: "I Only Ever"
5. Fever Hut: "Jean Paul Sartre"
6. Kristallin And Michele Bernard: "Flashback"
7. Amber Smith: "In The Park"
8. Holm: "Afterglow"
9. Pets: "Light Hearted Love Song"
10. Little Band, What Now?: "My Life Is Too Short"
11. Tompaulin: "It's A Girls World"
12. Celeste: "Time Of Your Life"
13. My Coffee Moment: "Spring"
14. Canossa: "Glossa"
15. the Salteens: "Nice Day"
16. Cecilia Ann: "Sole Mío"
17. the Spanish Amanda: "The Spanish Amanda West London Ex-Wives Club"
18. Liberty Ship: "I Guess You Didn't See Her"
19. Glidshees: "Love You Everyday"
20. Hidalgo: "Rhubarb"

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