Cex Starship Galactica

Format: CD
Label: 555
Price: $8.28
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555 Description: No-one can stop him now. Cex is here to show all you fake muthafuckas just how lame you all are. More hip-hop than previous releases (on Tigerbeat6(kid606), and 555), but packed with humour and style as ever. At only 19, with gold teeth and pencil moustache, (true!), Cex is the key to your electronic fantasies.

Track listing:
1. "Intro"
2. "Cal & Brady Style"
3. "Tattoo Of A Barcode"
4. "Get In Yr Squads"
5. "Hi Scores"
6. "Cex Can Kiss My Soft, Sensuous Lips"
7. "Your Handwriting When You Were A Child In The Winter"
8. "Starship Galactica"

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