Red Monkey Get Uncivilized

Format: 7" vinyl
Label: Troubleman Unlimited
Price: $3.10
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Troubleman Unlimited Description: After a long hiatus, Red Monkey finally returns with a brand new 7". Red Monkey took off most of the year 2000 to relax and "live life", after touring almost a year straight. Their songs are getting longer and more intricate, while keeping their now signature sound: a mix of funky, Gang Of Four inspired political anthems. These songs are sure to make the kids dance!!! This single is a preview of their upcoming full-length to be released in late 2001, and are exclusive to this release. Troubleman has been flooded with emails about the "new Red Monkey record". Troubleman hopes this will keep everyone satisfied until their new full length hits the shelves.

Track listing:
1. "Hitting City"
2. "Fifty Hour Week"

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