Devics - My Beautiful Sinking Ship [limited edition preview version] Devics My Beautiful Sinking Ship [limited edition preview version]

Format: CD
Label: Splinter
Price: $10.00
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Description: This is a limited edition advanced preview pressing of the Devics third album. The cds have been pressed primarily for sale on the Devics 2001 spring/summer European tour, but fortunately some have arrived here! It's beautifully recorded, magical, and luxurious. Sparkling pianos, gripping cello, romantic accordion, etc. lay the groundwork and Sara's vocals which move from ethereal to incendiary complete the experience. The album will be 'officially' released on Bella Union in late 2001 with different artwork and a slightly different track listing.

Track listing:
1. "Heart And Hands"
2. "You Could Walk Forever"
3. "My Beautiful Sinking Ship"
4. "You In The Glass"
5. "Living Behind The Sun"
6. "Why I Chose To Never Grow"
7. "Forget Tomorrow"
8. "Lost At Sea"
9. "The Gold In The Girl"
10. "Dim Lit Star"
11. "I Broke Up"
12. "Alone With You"
13. "Five Seconds To Hold You"
14. "bonus track"

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