Christiana Hydrofield Of Myth

Format: CD
Label: High School Champion
Price: $8.28
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Description: The Canadian band formerly known as Neck rocks quickly and sweetly through 19 songs, combining a dreamy melody-pop aesthetic with disjointed and exhilirating punk rock guitar tempos, all in all achieving a peculiarly hyperactive wistfulness.

Track listing:
1. "World Of Safety"
2. "I Counted Them All"
3. "If I Could Fly"
4. "Hydrofield Of Myth"
5. "Viola Scenes"
6. "Ice Cream"
7. "The Ballad Of Maria And Juvenal"
8. "McCoy Tyner"
9. "Numbered Company"
10. "Water Farmer"
11. "Sub-Zero"
12. "Weather Girl"
13. "Last Chance For Happiness"
14. "Divided Loyalties"
15. "I'll Sleep Tomorrow"
16. "The Book Of Life Gift Shop"
17. "Sweeter Candy"
18. "Money House"
19. "At The Same Time"

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