Various Artists - Laundry List Various Artists Laundry List

Format: CD
Label: Lil' Lion
Price: $5.78
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Description: Nine exclusive songs from artists who have previously released cassettes on Lil' Lion: Seasick Crocodile, Agent Origami, Park, Bambino, 3-D Croc, Sticker Mister, Winnebago, Smitten Kitten, and Gritty Kitty.

Track listing:
1. Seasick Crocodile: "Don't Tread On My 4-Track"
2. Agent Origami: "The End"
3. Park: "For Your Lake Placid Arms"
4. Bambino: "I Fly"
5. 3-D Croc: "You Can Do Anything"
6. Sticker Mister: "Probable Height"
7. Winnebago: "Sleepy Highway"
8. Smitten Kitten: "You In The Prime Of Your Life"
9. Gritty Kitty: "Posters"

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