Jumprope - Suitcase And Umbrella Jumprope Suitcase And Umbrella

Format: CD
Label: Planting Seeds
Price: $10.25
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Description: It's the second full length from these Twee Kitten alumni! They present more sunny, musical and flowery guitar pop with colourful keyboards, playful carefree grooves, and female/male vocals.

Track listing:
1. "Disappear"
2. "Where To Go"
3. "Grandpa's Lament"
4. "Holiday In Brazil"
5. "Interstellar Secrets From The Cellar"
6. "Do What You Like"
7. "Last Night In The City"
8. "The Glamour Snare"
9. "Sister"
10. "You Can Call Me"
11. "Guinevere Today"
12. "Girl Under The Glass"
13. "Sun (Will Keep On Shining)"

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