Various Artists Through The Looking Glass - Indie Pop Plays The Monkees

Format: CD
Label: Planting Seeds
Price: $10.15
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Description: Monkees tunes performed by Jumprope, Coloring Book, Wolfie, Bikeride, Marykate O'Neil, Astropop 3, the Rockets Red Glare, El Squatcho, Carter, Mind Veneration, Echo Orbiter, Sunday Smoke Kit, the Mendoza Line, Newbill, and Headquarters.

Track listing:
1. Coloring Book: "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You"
2. the Rockets Red Glare: "Listen To The Band"
3. Headquarters: "Last Train To Clarksville"
4. Newbill: "Auntie's Municipal Court"
5. Bikeride: "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)"
6. Astropop 3: "Forget That Girl"
7. Jumprope: "Don't Call On Me"
8. Marykate O'Neil: "Pleasant Valley Sunday"
9. the Mendoza Line: "I Wanna Be Free"
10. Sunday Smoke Kit: "Early Morning Blues And Greens"
11. Echo Orbiter: "I'm A Believer"
12. Mind Veneration: "Shades Of Gray"
13. Carter: "Daydream Believer"
14. Wolfie: "Through The Looking Glass"
15. El Squatcho: "The Porpoise Song"

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