Michael Barrett Couches And Carpet

Format: CD
Label: Planting Seeds
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Planting Seeds Description: New solo album from Essex Green, Sixth Great Lake, Guppyboy member is a mellow, groovy pop opus. 'Couches and Carpet', the debut solo record from Michael Barrett, member of The Essex Green (Elephant 6, Kindercore) and The Sixth Great Lake (new Kindercore album due this month) and former member of Guppyboy. Barrett's long-awaited debut opus mixes 60's psych (think Love and The Lovin Spoonful and 80s Paisley Underground benefactors Rainy Day) and country pop (think The Guthries and Neil Young), with a heady dose of British folk, some near subliminal Bowie-isms and the occasional foray into luscious, spacey orchestral pop, that honestly recalls pop-songwriting geniuses like Todd Rundgren and his modern progeny. Skipping along parallel paths as some of the E6 collective, sure, but this seems to have a more serene, comfortable, mature grasp of the mellow aesthetic, and like fellow New Englanders The Mendoza Line, Barrett's tunes are steeped in the same moonshine of woozy ingenuity, featuring both male and female lead vocals. The whole lot's interspersed with a heady dose of groovy experimental interludery that for the life of me sounds like Tones On Tail, weird huh? 18 original tunes, 3 years in the making, recorded in studios around Brooklyn.

Track listing:
1. "The Farm"
2. "Paintbrushes"
3. "Yesterday And Today"
4. "Crazy"
5. "Cherry Red Wine Lips"
6. "Queen Cherry Red"
7. "The Beach Song"
8. "Cool Wave"
9. "Chill Out"
10. "Afternoon"
11. "The Gate"
12. "Marlborough Farms"
13. "Bubbles"
14. "Four Nicks Up"
15. "The Show Must Go On"
16. "Upstairs In My Room"
17. "Sewing Machine"
18. "Roll On Home"

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