Chocolate Barry Cucumber Trees And Ice Cold Lemonade

Format: CD
Label: Mini Tenor
Price: $12.60
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Mini Tenor Description: Chocolate Barry is a one man band. Frederik wrote Cucumber Trees and Ice Cold Lemonade in Malmö, a little town in the south of Sweden. In the same town he became friends with The Eggstone (latest album on Vibrafon and Tricatel) who offered to remix his songs in their Tambourine Studio (Cardigans, St Etienne). A black humour addict, Chocolate Barry tells of his love of Whisky, Calvados, and The Tour de France. In jest he tells us of his meeting with... Tom Jones and his offer of a collaboration on his next songs, or the unconfessed aim of this album : to move to Monte Carlo. This first record is a compilation of his work from recent years and is a mix of electronic, pop and soul music. Some of the Chocolate Barry's favorites artists are Dusty Springfield, Buzzcocks, Momus, Benny Troy, and Monochrome Set.

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