Various Artists Pop And Circumstance - An Eskimo Kiss Records Collection - Vol. 1

Format: CD
Label: Eskimo Kiss
Price: $5.78
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Description: Mostly hard to find or previously unreleased songs by these artists: Fashioncolt, Swizzle, the Swimmies, Lookwell, Will Simmons, Pacer, Audio Explorations, Saturnine, the Torch Marauder, the Blue Stars of France, Health And Beauty, Frocky Jack, Kenyata Sullivan, Razzle, Bobby McBride, Cookie Galore, the Highwaters, the Kate Rays, and Cantwell, Gomez and Jordan. Hand-assembled, limited to 500 copies.

Track listing:
1. Fashioncolt: "Adaptation To Deportation"
2. Swizzle: "Humble Pie"
3. the Swimmies: "I Want To Be Your Jefferson Airplane"
4. Lookwell: "Cloud Car"
5. Will Simmons: "Tonight (Peace Corps Drug Experience)"
6. Pacer: "Aquarium"
7. Cantwell, Gomez and Jordan: "Horizontal, Corazon"
8. Audio Explorations: "Name Address Phone"
9. Saturnine: "Cafe Warsaw"
10. Torch Marauder: "The Aging Wrestler"
11. the Blue Stars Of France: "Trash Bags And Cheese"
12. Health And Beauty: "Camel City"
13. Frocky Jack: "Exhibit A"
14. Kenyata Sullivan: "And Then She Whispers"
15. Razzle: "Snackless Motherfucker Tonight"
16. Bobby McBride: "Frogs"
17. Cookie Galore: "I'm the One"
18. Highwaters: "Walk Faster Than You Run"
19. Kate Rays: "Please Stay"

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