Twigs - Epicure Twigs Epicure

Format: CD
Label: Endearing
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Endearing Description: Endearing's first ever European group, Twigs are a British/Norwegian band who have been recording and releasing music in Scandinavia since 1994. "Epicure", their newest, contrasts upbeat and aggressive melodic songs with more spacey and noisey pieces in a guitar rock setting. The band has released several singles which have received considerable airplay on Scandinavian radio and around the world on indie friendly stations. Twigs have also appeared on several recent compilations from labels including the Red Carpet Ring (USA) and Die Heilige Musik Gesellschaft (UK).

Track listing:
1. "Divulge"
2. "Phantonemesis"
3. "Slumber"
4. "Thalassa Bogey"
5. "Trouble Me Too"
6. "Galleon Song"
7. "Eleven"
8. "Small"
9. "Epicure"
10. "Ego Valentine"
11. "Mirror Image"

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