Projektor Red Wolf Glass

Format: CD
Label: Endearing
Price: $10.25
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Endearing Description: Projektor draws from members of well known Winnipeg groups Kittens, Meatrack, Malefaction and Leaderhouse and mixes the aggression of such bands into a more atmospheric and melodic musical context. The band has rapidly become one of the most popular live groups in Winnipeg. Energetic and dynamic sets have lead to consistently packed shows, a nod in the local mainstream daily as the most exciting new indie rock band, and even interest from parasitic larger labels. The band has also scored a local number one campus spot with their split 7" with the Paperbacks. Projektor also completed a tour of Ontario and Quebec with the Paperbacks and they plan to return to the road, touring western Canada in May and central Canada and the midwest in June.

Track listing:
1. "Foxfire"
2. "The Warm Winter"
3. "Continental"
4. "Double Dragon"
5. "Silver Circles"
6. "Blue Ocean"
7. "Spider"
8. "Beautiful Skin"

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