Various Artists - Pacific Highway Various Artists Pacific Highway

Format: CD
Label: Library
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Description: Contains songs recorded for 3rrr Australian radio by Mary Wyer, Joel Meadows, Sodastream, Royal Chord, Grand Salvo, Bart And Friends, Sleepy Township, Minimum Chips, Panel Of Judges, Long Weekend, Vivian Girls, and Secret Sound.

Track listing:
1. Mary Wyer: "Anybody, Anyway"
2. Mary Wyer: "One Step Forward"
3. Joel Meadows: "Karma"
4. Sodastream: "West 45th"
5. Royal Chord: "Human Glue"
6. Royal Chord: "Theme (?)"
7. Grand Salvo: "Providence Vector"
8. Grand Salvo: "Ocean Liner"
9. Bart And Friends: "LAX"
10. Sleepy Township: "UFO"
11. Sleepy Township: "Snow On The Mountains"
12. Minimum Chips: "Rounds"
13. Panel Of Judges: "Here It Isn't"
14. Long Weekend: "Weak At the Knees"
15. Vivian Girls: "Black Chair In A Black Room"
16. Vivian Girls: "X-Ray Eyes"
17. Secret Sound: "Untitled"

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