California Roma - California Roma California Roma California Roma

Format: CD-EP
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Trolley Bus Description: California Roma is Mariko and Kyoko,a girl duo from Japan. Their first appearance was Japanese well known compilation called "Pop Japanese Style!" (flavour/Japan), and this CDep from Trolley Bus is their long awaited debut release. The songs with mellow keyboard, whisper vocal, and programmed back tracks are pop, and will be hard for you to imagine these tracks were made by only two young girls. Also Yoshi from Aikagi played guitar/bass on some tracks, and he joined in as mix-engineer. For fans of Kitty Craft/Air/Kahimi Karie/800 Cherries.

Track listing:
1. "Casio Blue"
2. "Tarot Garden"
3. "Swan Music"
4. "Papillon"
5. "Rock No. 2"
6. "Stereo Honky-Tonk"
7. "Musica Machina"

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