Bloods And Crips Damu Ridas

Format: CD
Label: Warlock Records
Price: $15.56
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Track listing:
1. "Damu Ride"
2. "Why Must I Be Like That"
3. "Comin' Straight from the Brain"
4. "Ygb's Are the Braziest"
5. "Bitches Can't Ride for Free"
6. "Kill Crabz"
7. "Give a Mad Ass Fuck"
8. "Wut Dat Mafia Like"
9. "Do You Wanna Roll to Figuero"
10. "Skits"
11. "Nigga Can't Fuck With This"
12. "We Don't Give a Fuck"
13. "True Flue Killer"
14. "C-K Free Stule"
15. "Fucc Crabz"
16. "Bullets Don't Have No Names"

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