Various Artists Sweet Sweet Casio

Format: CD
Label: North Of January
Price: $6.19
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Description: The casio compilation! Remington Super 60, Nixon, the Cannanes with Steward, Micromars, Rabbit In Red, Girlboy Girl, A Boy Named Thor, Orange Cake Mix, Part-Time Losers, Will Simmons, Gang Wizard, etc.

Track listing:
1. A Boy Named Thor: "Wink That Eye"
2. Aikagi: "Tokyo Casio Freak"
3. Nixon: "Julianne"
4. Orange Cake Mix: "Early Morning Mystic"
5. Six Cents And Natalie: "Devil In Your Heart"
6. the Cannanes And Steward: "The Dissenters Have Risen"
7. Rabbit In Red: "The Honey Industry"
8. Remington Super 60: "Always Trust The Samba (No Guiro Mix)"
9. Mandorris: "Portamento"
10. Mike Barrett: "The Farm"
11. the Princeton Reverbs Colonial: "Ascend In Faith"
12. Spoc: "Beach Park Holiday"
13. Magogs: "The Lonely Sea"
14. Micromars: "Why Didn't My Parents Buy Me A Casio?"
15. the Part-Time Losers: "Sapphire"
16. Garlands: "Crimewave"
17. Girlboy Girl: "Lightness And Weight"
18. James Kochalka Superstar: "Neigh-Neigh And Woo-Woo"
19. Toughluck, Trashcan!: "Autistic Tune"
20. Wio: "I Wish"
21. Trendlenberg: "Fireman's Field Day Parade"
22. the Zambonies: "This Is A Casio Hockey Song"
23. Will Simmons: "Tonight (Peace Corps Drug Experience)"
24. Gang Wizard: "Friend"

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