Anton Barbeau The Golden Boot (Antology Vol. 2)

Format: CD
Label: 125
Price: $10.75
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Description: Second collection of outtakes, remakes, etc. from Sacramento's inventive and melodic Anton Barbeau (often compared to Elvis Costello, XTC, etc.)

Track listing:
1. "Third Eye (Version Other)"
2. "Breaky Doll"
3. "The Horny Old Ballad Of Tracy Shellac"
4. "Xmas Song"
5. "Little Bleep Bleep"
6. "My Special Table"
7. "Bed Of Pain (Drub Micks)"
8. "C'mon Girl"
9. "Octagon (Yellow Pills 4 Mix)"
10. "Delores"
11. "None Fun"
12. "Breaky Dub"
13. "Sparkle"
14. "Banana2000"
15. "Anton Pains Broyhill"
16. "Sula2"
17. "Someone Called Him Ron"
18. "Helen Mirren"
19. "French Foreign Legion"

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