Swan Dive - Words You Whisper Swan Dive Words You Whisper

Format: CD
Label: Siesta
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Siesta Description: Voila! Eureka! Surprise, surprise! This record will satisfy the most eager listener. It's also a good occasion to exceed all boundaries and keep the flame of pop alive. Ladies and gentlemen! Enjoy the swinging, cosmopolitan, non-stop melodic and globally happening guy-girl duo known as Swan Dive. Every song is a hook. VIP access for all of you!
\s\s\sParadox number 1- Swan Dive come from Nashville-Tennessee. Paradox number 2- Swan Dive are popular in Japan but here in Europe they remain unnoticed. Bill DeMain and Molly Felder are real sensations in Japan where their albums, hit singles and TV appearances have earned them a loyal following. And now you have the right to ask us: Why is this band so special? What is all about them?
\s\s\sPerhaps it's their taste: an "our favorite things" list would surely include Antonio Carlos Jobim, Jean Paul Belmondo, Bacharach, Italian cinema, Francoise Hardy, Michael Caine, Beatles, Beach Boys, Sean Connery, Dusty Springfield, Carpenters, Peter Sellers, Pop Art, Gainsbourg, Julie Christie...
\s\s\sOr perhaps it's the way they sound: Molly's sensuous, soulful vocals wrapped around Bill's delicately plucked guitar and unvanished, emotional songwriting, all in a classic, timeless design... Moog synthesizers vacationing in Ipanema? Sure!
\s\s\sPerhaps people respond to where they've been: They met in Nashville a decade ago, while both were browsing for Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 records at a local shop. A week later, they were singing together. After conquering their hometown, they took an international sidestep to Japan, where their songs have made them subarashi sensations.
\s\s\sOr perhaps, where they're going: They're going forward into the 21st century. Fresh, full of surprises, eager to experiment- on Words you whisper, they've collaborated with super producer Venus Hum mainman Tony Miracle to create a "switched-on" electronic pop sound that encompasses the past, the future and the right now. Just dig the swooning waltz of August in Rome , the glass-blown bossa of Safe and sound, the Technicolor convertible ride of Saturday Sunday Monday, the cloak-and-dagger stealth of Theme from a man called danger and the moonstruck murmur of the title track, and you know it's all true...
\s\s\sSwan Dive is a duo on the move. Words you whisper gatherS heartfelt lyrics, sensible music and dual vocals. The use of strings is a key element to the beauty of such release. Escape with this nine songs vacation! It's the perfect serenade for a dinner at Maxim's.
\s\s\sBill DeMain and Molly Felder do everything with deep feeling, and that feeling communicates accross the laser-etched grooves into the hearts and minds and souls of music lovers. Listen closely to the... words they whisper.

Track listing:
1. "August In Rome"
2. "Safe And Sound"
3. "Saturday, Sunday, Monday"
4. "Bachelorette"
5. "Words You Whisper"
6. "Theme From "A Man Called Danger""
7. "Mermaids"
8. "Chalet"
9. "Safe And Sound (French Version)"

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