Various Artists The Ladder Failed

Format: CD
Label: Lazyline
Price: $8.28
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Description: 18 song collection with Gritty Kitty, Pacer, Argentina, Clarify, Fairline Parkway, Lookwell, I Love You, See Venus, Squab Teen, Hong Kong, etc.

Track listing:
1. Hong Kong: "Sunwards Ho"
2. See Venus: "Boy Bubble Blue"
3. Gritty Kitty: "Silly That Way"
4. Fairline Parkway: "Same Cigarettes"
5. South Fulton Symphony: "Last Journal Entry Of A Teenager"
6. Argentina: "Question Answers"
7. I Love You: "She's Gonna Make Me Cry"
8. Squab Teen: "I Know Why The Caged Birds Sing"
9. Turtle Search: "Blue Print"
10. Pacer: "Rain In July"
11. Lookwell: "Resurrection"
12. Ether Family Presents: "I'm Tired"
13. Lopez Jar: "Empty Frequency"
14. Mantissa: "Pop Pop Star"
15. Clarify: "Untitled"
16. Polline: "Continue A Hymn"
17. Qwl: "Dark Room Only"
18. Wislov: "Alma"

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