Clare One Night 2001

Format: CD
Label: Chocolat Art Returns
Price: $11.50
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Description: Relaxing/playful keyboard pop, with programmed beats, cotton candy female vocals, modest use of guitars, and Tokyo cool!

Track listing:
1. "Angel-Something Will Start-"
2. "Shining Star, Shining Sun"
3. "Stargazing"
4. "My Being"
5. "Yesterday And Today"
6. "One Night 2000"
7. "L/M/M"
8. "Kitten K"
9. "Nothing Makes Me Afraid"
10. "Not Here But Somwhere"
11. "A Boy Inside You"
12. "What Heaven Gives"
13. "Hand In Hand"
14. "Leave You To Me"
15. "SA-YO-NA-RA"
16. "Vaguness In Love"

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