Phony "Silent Place"

Format: 7" vinyl
Label: Firestation Tower
Price: $4.36
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Firestation Tower Description: After all we hear something from the Spy successors Phony. Their double-A-side single has everything we're wishing for from a radio compatible pop song. Good Times is such a catchy hit-tune that makes you singing it not only while taking a shower. ''Silent Place'' is a laid-back Bossa Nova tune sweetend by the wonderful voice of Virginie of Capsule creeping in your heart during a sunny spring day as well as on a rainy autumn day and enhancing your mood for hours. The 4 track CDEP features the additional swedish influenced ''Long Away'' and a brilliant Capsule remix of ''Silent Place'' which pushes by its raised tempo and its fatter intrumentation made for the dance floors of the whole wide world and for using it for various advertisement trailers. Their debut-album ''Phony-Love'' is expected to be released in autumn this year.

Track listing:
1. "Silent Place"
2. "Good Times"

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