Holiday Flyer - I Hope Holiday Flyer I Hope

Format: CD
Label: Darla Records
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Darla Records Description: Katie and John Conley, who started the band in 1993, have teamed up with longtime friends Verna Brock (California Oranges and formerly Beanpole, Rocketship), drummer Jim Rivas (Rocketship) and bassist Mike Yoas (from HF's last record, 1998ıs You Make Us Go). The result is HF with a solid, full band sound. Katie sings lead on eight of ten of her brother's newly written songs and boy, that girl could sing in church! Holiday Flyer show signs of maturity and confidence with their trademark sweet and sour pop sound. They paint those rich, colorful landscapes of desire, romance, of love lost & found that only John & Katie can. We tease John that he's creating the new "California sound" (70s MOR for you kids) though his songwriting is truly the best in the biz. The instrumentation? HF combine clean & clear, chiming electric guitars that often sing themselves and sometimes grind in fast forward. There's uplifting, almost spiritual organ and a piano that tells the rest of each story in song. All songs are punctuated by Jimıs steady, often driving drums. Occasionally, the songs are accented with acoustic guitars and theyıve even included bongos on one track. These 10 new ones are a California pot pourri of 10,000 Maniacs, Carole King, Dionne Warwick, Club 8, The Mamas & Papas, Everything But The Girl. 'I Hope' was produced by Larry Crane (Go-Betweens, Pavement, Elliott Smith, Sleater-Kinney). HF have made the record they've always wanted to make. It's the one us fans have always dreamed they'd make for us. Most sincerely satisfying.

Track listing:
1. "Up At Night"
2. "Trouble"
3. "Trains"
4. "Out Of Here"
5. "Falling Apart At The Seams"
6. "Strange"
7. "Green Envy"
8. "Signals And Traffic Signs"
9. "Long Story Short"
10. "Invincible"

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