Hot Little Rocket Danish Documentary

Format: CD
Label: Endearing
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Endearing Description: Hot Little Rocket are from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Too fast to stare at their feet and too catchy for rock and roll fashion, these are songs to shout down buses by, songs to rail against your day-job to, or songs for simply strapping on the headphones and embracing the dynamics. Hot Little Rocket embrace both melody and abrasion, taking in English guitar noise and American post-punk. The lyrics run on wit, never falling back on irony and never too smart for their own good.
\s\s\sHLR have a previous release, an ep entitled Laika which came out in March 2000 and shook up the wallet-chained, cardigan-wearing masses. The ep went on to be one of the top 10 most-played releases for the year on the bands local campus radio station. But HLR are done as a Calgary secret. These recordings bring clarity to the songwriting without losing the energy and clatter of their live performance.

Track listing:
1. "Vive Death!"
2. "Mercator"
3. "Let's Play In Traffic"
4. "Denmark"
5. "Did Yr Ship Come In?"
6. "Five By Five"
7. "The Last Thing"
8. "Maybe You'll Learn To Drive"
9. "Firesale"

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