Con Dolore - This Sad Movie Con Dolore This Sad Movie

Format: CD
Label: Clairecords
Price: $9.85
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Description: Guitars, piano, synthesizers, marimba, shakers and the vocals of Kristy and Ed, both formerly of Polar, make up this mysterious and quite pleasant dreampop/sometimes dance-pop album.

Track listing:
1. "Opening Theme"
2. "The 7th"
3. "She's Withering"
4. "She Said Goodbye"
5. "All Our Favorite Cats"
6. "Fractions Of A Second"
7. "Feed Us All"
8. "The Happy Girl"
9. "Dream"
10. "Unexpected Love"
11. "Why Are You Hiding?"
12. "Fractions Of A Second"
13. "This Sad Movie"

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