Theta Wave State Original Music For The 2600 Production 'Freedom Donwtime'

Format: CD
Label: North Of January
Price: $4.53
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Description: Delicate, soothing, reverb-infused guitar-based instrumentals, with other electronic effects thrown in. (Freedom Downtime is a film about the Free Kevin Mitnick movement.)

Track listing:
1. "The Real Takedown"
2. "Downtime"
3. "These Islands"
4. "Helicopters Over Philly"
5. "Sonic Youth Never Called Us"
6. "See Agent"
7. "Symmetry"
8. "Storms"
9. "Los Alamos Labs"
10. "Comparative Ends"
11. "Hollywood"
12. "Tapping On Glass"
13. "Comparative Ends (reprise)"
14. "Close Watch"

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