Various Artists The Thrill Of Being Common

Format: CD
Label: North Of January
Price: $4.53
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Description: Park, Starlight Conspiracy, Edison, To Have A Vehicle, A Sometimes Promise, Poole, Stratego, Krhissy, Acrylic, Sandoze, Four Color Manual, Lufa, Magstatic, Civic, and Tod.

Track listing:
1. Park: "Ten Shy Of Fifty"
2. Starlight Conspiracy: "Wind Chill"
3. Edison: "If You See Me [version]"
4. To Have A Vehicle: "Incestuous Circles In Fields Of Green"
5. A Sometimes Promise: "Part 1"
6. Poole: "Ordinary World"
7. Stratego: "Baby"
8. Krhissy: "Louis Drive"
9. Acrylic: "Interstellar Swoon"
10. Sandoze: "12th Morning Shift"
11. Four Color Manual: "Passion + 1"
12. Lufa: "Now You See"
13. Magstatic: "Train"
14. Civic: "Jaded In Vancouver"
15. Tod: "Thrill Of Being Common"

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