Toyen Did You Bring Me On National Television To Tell Me This?

Format: CD
Label: Blackbean And Placenta
Price: $9.95
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Blackbean And Placenta Description: 13 songs of infectious homemade electronica blips and beeps from Norway's Cafe Superstar collective (Remington Super 60, Micromars). All tracks programmed in Music2000 on a Sony Playstation by whiz kids Tollef and Torstein. Sultry girl vocals courtesy of the talented Rita Knudsen. As "right now" as Technicolor, Flowchart, and Kraftwerk have ever been.

Track listing:
1. "The New Economy"
2. "Café"
3. "In Space"
4. "Prakrti"
5. "(The) Face"
6. "Hello Remington"
7. "Pakistan"
8. "Bhangra"
9. "India Pindia"
10. "The Berents Sea"
11. "The Table"
12. "The Day"
13. "The Girl"

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