Various Artists - Will There Be Time For Tea? Various Artists Will There Be Time For Tea?

Format: CD
Label: Morgan Leah
Price: $7.10
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Description: 26 song pop compilation featuring Laura Watling, the Arrogants, the Parcels, Postal Blue, the Lucksmiths, Boycrazy, Boyish Charms, the Melody Unit, Sunday Tea, the Foots, Moogle Charm, Denver, Tara Emelye, etc.

Track listing:
1. Crush 22: "If It Wasn't For This"
2. the Silent Boys: "People Change Like The Weather"
3. Sunday Tea: "For A Moment"
4. Postal Blue: "Summer Is What You Call It"
5. Bergen Twigs: "Two Way Muzzle"
6. Player Haters: "Extra Mice"
7. the Melody Unit: "Theme From Frolic"
8. Tara Emelye: "The Only Boy I Know"
9. the Dupont Circles: "Attack Of The Blue Meanies"
10. the Parcels: "She's A Good Witch"
11. Vol Nonik: "You Don't Have Time For Me"
12. Boycrazy: "UFO Song"
13. Suretoss: "I Want You Back"
14. Spraydog: "To The North!"
15. Bionic Systems Go: "Plolly Underground"
16. the Lucksmiths: "Abdication!"
17. Moogle Charm: "New Wave Letdown"
18. the Condiments: "4 Way Go"
19. the Arrogants: "Smile Lines"
20. Denver: "You, Me, And Brian Epstein"
21. the Piltdowns: "Tropic Of Capricorn"
22. the Foots: "Pardon Me"
23. Laura Watling: "But Not Here"
24. the Boyish Charms: "Mass Suicide Theme"
25. Transistor Six: "Always Mock Tutor"
26. Chuzzlewit: "Bright Stars Aid The Wandering Pedestrians"

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