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Format: CD
Label: Slumberland
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Revolver Description: The debut album from this group of dedicated pop enthusiasts comprised of members of Velocity Girl, The Ropers, Tree Fort Angst, and The Castaway Stones. A beautiful combination of 1960s folk-pop and soft-rock with power-pop and 1980s jangle, driven by clang-and-strum guitars, great arrangements, stellar songwriting, and bassist Archie Moore's production technique. Fans of Biff Bang Pow, Orange Juice, The Grass Roots, and The Weather Prophets should feel right at home.

Track listing:
1. "No Matter Where You Are"
2. "Find Out"
3. "Upside-Down Girl"
4. "Grace (Kinky On Your Leg Mix)"
5. "Working For The Weekend"
6. "That Settles That"
7. "Slipping Through Your Fingertips"
8. "The Man Without Qualities, Part II"
9. "California Girls"
10. "Sound Of Yesterday"
11. "Lullabye In The Rain"
12. "Twilight Story"
13. "The Man Without Qualities, Part I"
14. "The Castle"
15. "Ghost Of A Chance"

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