Safariari Save New York

Format: CD
Label: Cafe 2001
Price: $10.21
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Cafe 2001 Description: The Safariari album blends a variety of popular styles. House, casio-core, clubby Shibuya pop and most of all, blissed out, Ultramarine like, timeless electronica. It all welds perfectly together into the album Save New York and the accurate tag would be catchy pop music. The album shows Safariari¹s diversity, and he for sure is a wizard in juggling those samples. From Mykedrone Records: Norwegian instrumental casio club pop, like Cornelius, Plone. Easy wonderland including some guitars, Japanese samplings (from Pizzicato Five?), plenty of childish electronica and Bungalow Records attitude. Part of the Norwegian casio pop scene like Remington Super 60, Micromars, Påsan. Darlacentric. In a digipak.

Track listing:
1. "3 Feet Hi And Rising"
2. "Sky Is The Limit"
3. "Honey Making Money"
4. "Solar"
5. "Hoshi No Ongaku"
6. "New Zealand Story"
7. "All About Love"
8. "Lunar"
9. "A Taste Of Killing"
10. "Introducing"
11. "Love And Happiness"
12. "Save New York"

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