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Label: Siesta
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Siesta Description: "Dream drops" is the third in the classic reverie compilation series. A record more enigmatic than even it's highly individual predecessors, "Algebra spaghetti" and "Simultaneous ice-cream".
\s\s\sEloquent, playful and serious-minded, the centrepiece of the new collection is Sunshine Day's sensuous, cinematic seven minute vocal montage "paper airplane book" which stylistically picks up where-more than thirty years ago-the likes of Fifth Dimension, Harpers Bizarre and The Association left off.
\s\s\sThe three Lollipop Train numbers stand out also; the inventive "Emma Peel crossword puzzle" parodies "personality" records of the sixties, the monologue on favourite film and tv "Midnight cowboy and pebble mill at one" is delivered by Angela with all of her usual charm and her version Mild Euphoria's elegant "joyful" is such a beautifully understated performance. These numbers are a step further on still from the toy-surrealist triumphs of Lollipop Train's wonderful "junior electric magazine" LP of last year.
\s\s\sMeanwhile, Mild Euphoria-reverie's own instrumental abstract expressionists-decorate the album with a mischievous pleasure. Remember to listen for the notes they're not playing!
\s\s\sOf the newcomers, Jason Crest is to pop what Lindsay Anderson's Mick Travis (if....) is to film; handsome, angelic, fearless... a technicolor herman's hermit performing here amongst sumptuous flowers two mindbendingly upbeat ultrapop tunes in 'this bouquet' (originally recorded by a pre-monkees Davy Jones) and "Lord love a duck" the themesong of the 1966 pop-art film comedy which starred the splendidly ephemeral Roddy Mcdowall.
\s\s\sBorn in Edinburgh (his father is of maltese descent), Angelo Muscat is the prince of the romantic guitar, writing minor keyed melodies which characterise escape and capture the atmosphere of mediterranean travelogue. If Chris Montez or Christopher Komeda had come from Majorca they might have sounded something like this.
\s\s\sThe world of reverie is not the world we know but a kaleidoscopic reflection in a funhouse mirror and "Dream drops" convincingly demonstrates that panoramic approach that sets the label apart. A style of pop that is the new avant-garde.
\s\s\sOne day all records will be made this way.

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