Mild Euphoria Let's Dissolve

Format: CD
Label: Siesta
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Siesta Description: Mild Euphoria's "Let's dissolve" is the latest in the series of highly original magazine-style productions from the team that brought you last year's Lollipop Train and Maria Napoleon LPs and the recent albums for siesta by Death by chocolate and David Candy.
\s\s\sTimetravelling costumed instrumental abstract expressionists Mild Euphoria stride a unique space between the almost mythical theme and incidental music of the late seventies english stockbroker belt television comedies ("The good life", "The rise and fall of Reginald Perrin") and Ennio Morricone's forays into the italian acid scene with maybe a 1962 dulux paint ad thrown in along the way.
\s\s\sRichly melodic, jazzy material such as Dudley Moore's highly refined "Morning walk" (from thirty is a dangerous age, Cynthia), the ebbulent Mild Euphoria original "Delicious pie", the classic Monochrome Set signature dish "Lester leaps in" and "spring song" (written by the absurdly underrated hungarian jazz guitarist Gabor Szabo) compliment perfectly stranger, more oblique selections such as the shimmering piece de resistance "Joyful", the dreamlike "Sound of chartreuse", the almost dissonant "Stay tuned" and the hallucinagenic title track.
\s\s\sso whether by psychedelic trip, elizabethan parody or religious pastiche, this eclectic juxtaposition of styles coagulates perfectly on to form a magical whole; achieved with a humour and artistry that pop has forgotten.
\s\s\s"Let's dissolve" is a triumph of the imagination. The most significant instrumental pop since "Telstar". Intelligent, stylish and great fun; it is the way pop should be.
\s\s\sone day all records will be made this way.

Track listing:
1. "One Day In Colour"
2. "Morning Walk"
3. "Joyful"
4. "Delicious Pie"
5. "The Sound Of Chartreuse"
6. "Lester Leaps In"
7. "Spring Song"
8. "Stay Tuned"
9. "Let's Dissolve"
10. "Knight's Castile"
11. "One Day In Colour"

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