Various Artists Atlantic Flowers

Format: CD
Label: Clairecords
Price: $9.85
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Description: Malory, Cassino, Aerial Love Feed, Monster Movie, Pelvs, Planet 9, Stella Luna, the Gilbertos, Resplandor, Isobella, Stellar, Gentlyfall, Pia Fraus, Ambiente, and Con Dolore.

Track listing:
1. "Lake of Doubts - Maladon Remix (Malory)"
2. "Na Pista (Cassino)"
3. "Rockethouse (Aerial Love Feed)"
4. "Waiting (Monster Movie)"
5. "Sounds From the Deck (Pelvs)"
6. "Back (Planet 9)"
7. "Stargazer (Stella Luna)"
8. "Na Casa Do Orestes (The Gilbertos)"
9. "Claroscuro (Resplandor)"
10. "Illuminous Insect (Isobella)"
11. "Hyperwave Decoder (Stellar)"
12. "Wish (Gentlyfall)"
13. "Moon Like a Pearl (Pia Fraus)"
14. "Chica - Demo Version (Pelvs)"
15. "Brilla - Edited Version (Ambiente)"
16. "Murder / Sleeping Sand - Remix (Con Dolore)"

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