Lake Of Dracula Lake Of Dracula

Format: CD
Label: Skin Graft
Price: $12.87
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Track listing:
1. "Lake Of Dracula"
2. "Plague Of Frogs"
3. "Biographers Of The Flaming Druglords"
4. "Cherries And Socks"
5. "Blue Fantastique"
6. "The Servo-Motor"
7. "Green-Glassed Moves"
8. "Violators"
9. "Dracula Killed Frankenstein"
10. "Coconut Wine"
11. "The Carpet (Old Ghost)"
12. "Henry Clay"
13. "The Arctic Cats"
14. "Memories Of Me"
15. "Piss II"
16. "Lake Of Dracula"

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