the Waking Eyes Combing The Clouds

Format: CD
Label: Endearing
Price: $10.25
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Description: Always interesting, mostly fantastic. It's polished, playful, psychedelic pop with layered male vocals, a wide range of instrumentation (guitar, viola, violin, oboe, clarinet, english horn, etc.), and personality to spare. Recommended.

Track listing:
1. "Combs For The Clouds"
2. "Everything Is Easy"
3. "Anytime"
4. "Castle By The Bay"
5. "Gone With A Glance"
6. "Definitely Elwood"
7. "New Rising Sun"
8. "The World It's Alive"
9. "Tergo Velum"
10. "Make A Sound"
11. "Sunday Morning Blues"
12. "Forget About All The Rest"

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