the Cave-Ins - Gridfarce By Lamplight the Cave-Ins Gridfarce By Lamplight

Format: CD
Label: Omnibus Records
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Omnibus Description: Having met in the waning months of 1998 among dormhall stairwells from word of mouth, The Cave-Ins began molding their thought processes into the conjured festivals of joy now present in their voluminous unreleased 4-track and 8-track recordings. Membership consisting first of Luke Top and Matt Popieluch, The Cave-Ins grew by enlisting Rob Williams, a local Mexican fast-food consultant on bass and Scott Eberhard, a celebrated university computer mechanic on drums. Recently added to their standard 2 guitar, bass and drums set up has been Papercuts mastermind Jason Quever on organ and harmonies. With one 7" out on Omnibus and an appearance on the From Visalian With Love CD compilation, The Cave-Ins have been slowly climbing the ladder of local humiliation and stardust. Mixing a seemingly pre-programmed conservatism with reverb and a select sub-set of jazz chords, The Cave-Ins sound like the peaceful thoughts one might have whilst floating in an innertube along an ebb of molten lava, procrastinating and unchangable. Through their intense knowledge of harmony and gift for insignificant metaphors, The Cave-Ins follow their instincts towards a greater goal: one of self purification and escape from emotional larceny. Influences: Johnny Smith, Television, The Kinks, Neil Young and The Hawaiian Landfills. The Cave-Ins, in different forms, have toured for two consecutive summers with one ending in disaster and the other chained in the catacombs of the Northwest (future tours pending). Other future release plans include: "Balancing Act"- a collection of misplaced solo recordings and "Abstract Christmas"- their full length follow up to their debut. Luke Top is also planning to release a solo record on Kittridge Records (March 2002) to be titled either "Sparce Souvenirs" or "Sparce Afterthoughts," he can't decide. "Gridfarce by Lamplight" is a heterogeneous ride through an obvious factory of organized literature, periodicals and sub-glances; but one that is forcefully goodnatured by way of its naive intuition.

Track listing:
1. "Aliens Or Emotion"
2. "Mundane Flames"
3. "Winter's Not Over"
4. "Mystic Mayo"
5. "Generals Daughters"
6. "Timeshares (On A Hill)"
7. "The Undertaker"
8. "Water In My Lap"
9. "Masterpiece On The Docks"
10. "Bring It Down"
11. "Hallway Song"
12. "On Lovers Bank"

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