the Lucksmiths - Where Were We? the Lucksmiths Where Were We?

Format: CD
Label: Darla Records
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Matinee Description: Following in the tradition of the Australian trio's highly popular "Happy Secret" album in 1999, "Where Were We?" is an assortment of non-album tracks from singles and various artist compilations over the past three years. Fourteen tracks in total, the album features six songs previously unreleased in the US--including a brand new composition with indie legend Pam Berry on backing vocals--alongside favorites like "T-Shirt Weather", "Even Stevens" and "Friendless Summer."\s\s\sRecorded in Australia, England and the US, this superb collection documents the strong songwriting and memorable melodies that have helped secure the Lucksmiths' renown as one of today's most popular indie bands. After last year's tremendous eight-month world tour promoting the most recent album "Why That Doesn't Surprise Me," the Lucksmiths are set for success on the next level.

Track listing:
1. "The Cassingle Revival"
2. "Myopic Friends"
3. "A Downside To The Upstairs"
4. "Can't Believe My Eyes"
5. "I Prefer The Twentieth Century"
6. "T-Shirt Weather"
7. "Tmrw vs. Y'day"
8. "Southernmost"
9. "Even Stevens"
10. "The Great Dividing Range (demo)"
11. "Friendless Summer"
12. "Goodness Gracious"
13. "Welcome Home"
14. "Mars"

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