Cakeheads - Our Favourite Place Cakeheads Our Favourite Place

Format: CD
Label: Apricot
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Apricot Description: i know a girl who keeps a scrap-book about her favourite places. whenever she had been to a capricious shop, a fancy café or an elegant street she writes it down in the evening. through the years the book has become an album of unique moments and impressions and at times when she feels like going on a holiday she just opens her book, revisiting her beloved spots. on a bench in a park she once sat down next to two bashful young men. she listened to them talking about ice-cream, cars and girls; the men appeared to her more like two schoolboys, the conversation between the two was interrupted by shyish giggling and kind-hearted looks. unexpectedly they gave her a small package, wrapped into the cover of an italian vogue-magazine from 1986. The two fellows smiled and departed without any comment. she opened the bundle and found a music-tape tape inside; listening to it at home she was reminded of her childhood: spending days in sandboxes, driving around town on bikes, eating sweets and reading comic-books. the songs somewhat appeared to be a mixture of depeche mode and the beach boys, embodying the charm of the style council and terry hall. and the lyrics included a story about an elder brother who started a life as a P!O!P!-star and embraced issues like the first love and the first broken heart. P!O!P!-music in an unadulterated expression: pure and innocent. my friend often went back to the park, walking around and seeking for the two mysterious guys - she never met them again. but the bench became one of her favourite places and the tape with the music is in her handbag wherever she goes.

Track listing:
1. "Papermoon"
2. "Cakehead"
3. "Inside Your Dream"
4. "Shake Me Up"
5. "Groove Right In"
6. "Rachel"
7. "Lovely Lady"
8. "Tomorrow"
9. "Adrian (Bilu)"
10. "Garden Of Our Love"
11. "Take It Slow"

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