Bazooka Cain - Here Come The Days Of Bazooka Cain Here Come The Days Of

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Label: Apricot
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Apricot Description: here come the days of style, the days of elegance. cosmopolitan living, gentlemen taking polaroids of the cote d'azur and the italian riviera-- or in other words: here come the days of bazooka cain. the five-piece, featuring marcel vega (vocals, guitar), henry grant (drums, percussion, vocals), matthias pacht (bass), erich abel (organ) and max knoth (guitar, vocals) was founded in 1989 and released the fantastic debut viele grüße in 1998, an album full of catchy and fluffy P!O!P!-songs. their new recording here come the days of is a collection of 15 soul-inspired tunes, every single one with a charming 60s touch, a surpreme remembrance of the 80s, and witty and amusing lyrics in german, english or french. sophistication and metropolitan glamour--the songs of bazooka cain capture humour and melancholy. nick currie, neil hannon or terry hall might come to mind--british songwriters who are kindred spirits with marcel vega. a grand production with a string and brass orchestra creates moments of euphoria, while other songs appear like gloomy chansons by serge gainsbourg. here come the days of bazooka cain--days of laughter, days of sorrow, days of passion. we're talking about soul! real soul, ladies and gentlemen.

Track listing:
1. "Frühling Im Herbst"
2. "Hauptsache Gesund"
3. "Fürst-Pückler-Art"
4. "Fehlt Dir Was"
5. "Superschmoozer"
6. "Schaf Um Schaf"
7. "L'Homme À La Tête Gonflée"
8. "Am Morgen"
9. "Here Come The Days"
10. "Tais-Toi"
11. "Kurze Fahrt"
12. "I'm Lost"
13. "Komm Mit Mir"
14. "One Fine Day"
15. "Allein"

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