Various Artists - I Am The World Trade Center/Phofo split Various Artists I Am The World Trade Center/Phofo split

Format: 7" vinyl
Label: Little Shirley Beans
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Little Shirley Beans Description: Everyone's favorite tragically ill-titled cut & paste electropop group, I am the World Trade Center, present "Loveless Sunday," a fun and catchy dance single that will invoke some sort of physical reaction from even the most demure indie kid in the corner (and if it doesn't, he's a goner). Naming themselves in 1999 after a symbol which reminded them of what an amazing and overwhelming city they were living in, I Am The World Trade Center have made a name for themselves through their signature brand of cheeky dance-pop. Early in 2001 they released their first full-length "Out of the Loop," recorded entirely on a Gateway laptop. It was released by Kindercore Records, which also happens to be co-owned by Dan Geller, one-half of I Am The World Trade Center. After September 11, they shortened their name to "I Am The..." out of respect. "But as Time Went On," says Dan, "we realized the most respectful thing to do would be to keep the real name intact." In addition, they are donating a portion of the profits from their LP to the September 11th fund.
\s\s\sOn a less touchy, but equally titillating side of the 7" is Phofo with "Ancient Chinese Secret." DJ extraordinaire and MC Paul Barman producer Phofo is a kitsch-filled barrel of monkeys (the kitsch is between the monkeys, you see). Expect big things from him in the future, including a new LP.
\s\s\sBoth sides are a trip through pop culture madness, sampling an obscure and not so obscure melting pot of sounds from new wave, hip-hop and bossanova to soul, pop, and lounge. And while it gives props to the past it conjures up something totally modern and refreshing.

Track listing:
1. I Am The World Trade Center: "Loveless Sunday"
2. Phofo: "Ancient Chinese Secret"

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