Drekka - Take Care To Fall Drekka Take Care To Fall

Format: CD
Label: Bluesanct Musak
Price: $10.65
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Track listing:
1. "Quite Possibly Nothing w/SK-5 Introductory Offertory"
2. "Silent Duty"
3. "Fractured"
4. "No One Knows Your Dog's Name"
5. "Sickness Subsides"
6. "With Faith in Nothing"
7. "End of Silence (Night Dancing)"
8. "Fracture"
9. "I Left Without Saying Goodbye (Je Suis Parti Sans Faire Mes Adieux)"
10. "Trust"
11. "...And the First Time (In 2 Sections)"
12. "Removed (Fracture)"

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