the Hit Device Reality Fighters e.p.

Format: 7" vinyl
Label: Intellectos
Price: $2.73
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Intellectos Description: Blending spiky infectious exciting collage pieces with noisier influences like EC8OR and Cex the Hit Device (based in San Francisco, CA) creates songs that are truly fun and daring. This EP showcases a dazzling array of sounds, beats, and catchy songs that move with a social purpose. As well at the end of this single there is a collection of hit device soundclips and beats so people can make their own hit device remixes. The Hit Device (Jonas Melvin) remixes songs for bands like Bratmobile/J Church/Winterbrief making songs all his own!

Track listing:
1. "Reality Fighters"
2. "Heartbeatkids"
3. "Skandalism + Samples And Breaks (for remix)"

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