the Stockholm Monsters - Alma Mater Plus the Stockholm Monsters Alma Mater Plus

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LTM Description: Digital remaster of the classic, punchy 1984 studio album, plus seven extra tracks. A truly 'bounteous mother' indeed! As well as sensitive re-mastering and detailed sleeve notes, Alma Mater and All At Once come housed in the original, exquisite Trevor ]ohnson sleeve designs. Active between 1980 and 1987, the core of this undervalued band comprised Burnage brothers Tony and Karl France (vocals and guitars), drummer Shan Hira, as well as keyboard/trumpet player Lindsay Anderson and guitarist John Rhodes. Almost all the Monsters' rough-edged pop recordings were produced by New Order bassist Peter Hook, while their intensive gigging schedule between 1984 and 1986 made them the busiest live band on Factory. Sometimes written up (and off) as surly 'scallies' and Perry Boys, the band are now generally recognized as the label's pre-Mondays Mondays.

Track listing:
1. "Terror"
2. "Where I Belong"
3. "Decalogue"
4. "Winter"
5. "Five O'Clock"
6. "Life's Two Faces"
7. "Your Uniform"
8. "E.W."
9. "To Look At Her"
10. "Something's Got To Give"
11. "All At Once"
12. "Natural Pastime"
13. "Militia"
14. "How Corrupt Is Rough Trade? (7")"
15. "Kan Kill! (7")"
16. "Partyline"
17. "Stupid"
18. "Your Uniform"
19. "Life's Two Faces"

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