Various Artists - Red Square - Invited To Dinner Various Artists Red Square - Invited To Dinner

Format: CD
Label: Red Square
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Red Square Description: a compilation of live recordings from shows at the Red Square house in Philadelphia from 1999-2001 includes warm and welcoming tracks from Calvin Johnson, Dear Nora, The Thrift Shop, Steward, Jen Turrell, The Escargo-gos, Rabbit in Red, Men in Fur, Kelly Slusher, The Bright Lights, A Boy Named Thor and much much more. 24 tracks in all.

Track listing:
1. Thrift Shop: "Begins (On The Fly Mix)"
2. Jen Turrell: "Trucker Time"
3. Currituck County: "Sway"
4. Bright Lights: "?"
5. Steward: "World Weary And Wise"
6. Calvin Johnson: "Milquetoast Brigade"
7. Dan Mapp: "California And Back Again"
8. Jayme And Jen: "Irene"
9. Annah Winfield: "Whispering Worm"
10. Jason Traeger: "One And One"
11. Mac Dare: "Accordion Song"
12. Dear Nora: "Sad City Pt. 2"
13. HiroshimaLemonNagasakiLime: "Run Little Boy"
14. Dennis Driscoll: "Fall In Love"
15. A Boy Named Thor: "Lonely Summer Days (The Slow Jam Mix)"
16. Hewas: "Enclosed"
17. Kelly Slusher: "Knee Deep"
18. Whip: "The Ballad Of e.e. cummings"
19. Rabbit In Red: "Blue Jay"
20. Trendlenberg: "Revolution Of The Piano"
21. Men In Fur: "Theme Song"
22. Red Light District: "A Million Years"
23. the Escargo-gos: "Underneath The Sun"
24. Ricky Pang: "Ricky Pang's Address On The Nature Of True Quality"

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