Calletta Craft Typewriter Sounds Of M.I.E.

Format: CD
Label: Trolley Bus
Price: $8.95
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Trolley Bus Description: Calletta Craft Typewriter is Japanese duo who live in USA and Cuba, and they create these their "songs of originality" in Japan/USA/Cuba, so it means these cultures are mixed, and so many music experiences add something new on their musics. Always, our languages are not enough to express the song styles, but if we were forced, we would say it's based on garage-folk, pop, rock, and electro musics. But still their musics are pop enough, and may sometimes remind you of early Beck works.

Track listing:
1. "April March"
2. "With A Girl Like You"
3. "Fukuoka, CA. 90813"
4. "Memphis Homesicker"
5. "Bubble"
6. "Hee Men Women"
7. "Her Name Is April March"
8. "Next Door Love (Promotional Spot)"

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