the Delta Waves Dream In Real Time

Format: CD
Label: Top Quality Rock And Roll
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Top Quality Rock And Roll Description: The Delta Waves music tends to come from a dream perspective with reverb drenched guitars and ambient soundscapes. The percussion delivers many different styles from techno to breakbeat to addictive acoustic beats. The Delta Waves like to make instrumental music as well as songs with vocals. Vocals are usually subtle and although they add a strong presence to the song, they are almost hauntingly used as an instrument.
\s\s\sThe Delta Waves explain their music as soundtracks to dreams (or daydreams). The music is sometimes trancy and hypnotizing. They achieve a wide and dynamic sound through soft distortion and analog synth. Each song usually holds some form of contrast that slips into listener's ears almost subconsciously. It is escapist music that is original and refreshing.

Track listing:
1. "Searching A Broad Band"
2. "Airborn"
3. "Lovers Leap"
4. "Sun And Moon According To An Elephants Memory"
5. "Passenger Train To Anywhere"
6. "Quietness Of Space"
7. "Father M.S' Radio"
8. "Haunted Piano"
9. "At Times They Hover"
10. "Zero Gravity"
11. "Cloud Hop"
12. "Winter Without You"
13. "End"

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