Ad Frank - Mr. Fancypants Ad Frank Mr. Fancypants

Format: CD
Label: Stop, Pop, And Roll
Price: $10.97
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Description: Dreamy, haunting, new-wavey music made up of bits of electronica, strings, guitars, piano, and male vocals, with some lovely female backup vocals here and there. Plus a couple tracks are certainly geared towards the dance floor. Quite good!

Track listing:
1. "Last Night Mark Eitzel Saved My Life"
2. "U-Hauls And Ryders"
3. "Davy, I Didn't Mean To Push You Off"
4. "The Ticket Was Non-Refundable"
5. "Bay Of Fundy"
6. "Conjugal Visit"
7. "I Can And I Will"
8. "Barking Up The Wrong Girl"
9. "I Have Seen The Momemnt Of My Greatness Flicker"
10. "The Map To Yoour Good Graces"
11. "Leave Me In Tears"

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