Television Personalities - Fashion Concious Television Personalities Fashion Concious

Format: CD
Label: Bus Stop
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Track listing:
1. "I'm Not Like Everybody Else"
2. "I Hear A New World"
3. "I've Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me"
4. "Whatever Gets You Thru The Night"
5. "Honey I Sure Miss You"
6. "Time Goes Slowly When You're Drowning"
7. "In A Luxury Dockland Home"
8. "I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod"
9. "Jennifer, Julie and Josephine"
10. "You, Me And Lou Reed"
11. "My Imaginary Friend"
12. "I Remember Bridget Riley"
13. "I Wish You Could Love Me For What I Am"
14. "Now That I'm A Junkie!"
15. "Seasons In The Sun"
16. "Bike"
17. "Noone's Little Girl"
18. "When I Grow Up I Want To Be ..."
19. "The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming"

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